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Coconut Jaggery laddus are very soft and delicious one. This sweet is very easy to make . This makes very delicious dessert. My kid love to eat these Laddus. Everyone in my house loves these Laddus.


2 cups of fresh grated Coconut
2 cups of grated Jaggery (cut the jaggery into small pieces )


Take a heavy bottom vessel or non stick pan. Add coconut, jaggery in a heavy bottom vessel on medium heat. In few minutes jaggery will start melting, Allow coconut to cook well in the jaggery syrup. Stir continuously so that it does not stick to the bottom. Cook until the mixture comes close or becomes thick. Do not overcook otherwise the laddus becomes hard. Turn off the heat and keep it aside for few minutes. When the mixture is still warm grease your palm with ghee and start making small balls with the mixture.Lip smacking laddus are ready.

Storage: These will stay fresh for a week or 2 weeks in room temperature :-)

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